List Of EA Sports NHL Game Covers

The first NHL game that EA Sports released was in 1991, I was only 3 years old then so I didn’t know about this game obviously. Since 1993 EA Sports releases a new version of the game and every year they add new features that makes the game more realistic and exciting to play. And one yearly tradition that this game has is the cover athlete, it’s always a superstar, and every year the game was announced one of the first things I wanted to know is who made the cover. So here’s the full list of NHL Covers since 1991 starting with the latest one being NHL 21.

 NHL 17 COVER(Sept 13th 2016)

EA SPORTS NHL17 Cover - Vladimir Tarasenko

Vladimir Tarasenko was voted to be the cover athlete for NHL 17.

 NHL 16 COVER(Sept 9th 2015)

EA SPORTS NHL16 Cover - Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane were both supposed to be sharing the cover oh the NHL 16 game, but with all the legal issues that Patrick Kane was in, EA Sports decided to go with just Jonathan Toews on the covers.

 NHL 15 COVER(Sept 9th 2014)

EA SPORTS NHL15 Cover - Patrice Bergeron

Patrice Bergeron was the cover athlete for the NHL 15 hockey game.

 NHL 14 COVER(Sept 10th 2013)

EA SPORTS NHL14 Cover - Martin Brodeur

Martin Brodeur is the cover athlete for NHL 14, I think it’s the best choice in a while for the NHL franchise, the guys is a future hall of famer and it’s probably is last year playing, so great choice from the fan to vote for Brodeur.

NHL 13(Sept 11th 2012)

EA SPORTS NHL13 Cover - Claude Giroux

Another deception in the choice of the cover athlete in my opinion, the guys as one good year and he make the cover of NHL13, his poor 2013 season proved that he was a poor choice for that, I have to say that this is the fans choice and not EA Sports.

NHL 12(Sept 13th 2011)

EA SPORTS NHL12 Cover - Steven Stamkos

For the 2011 edition of the game the cover athlete was Steven Stamkos, which I think is a great choice. He had a couple of great seasons before and he’s always in the race for the Rocket Richard Trophy.

NHL 11(Sept 9th 2010)

EA SPORTS NHL11 Cover - Jonathan Toews

The Chicago Blackhawk’s captain, Jonathan Toews, was a big part of his team’s success when they won the Stanley Cup in the 2010 Playoffs.

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